Driving in Greece

Public means of transport are available and easily accessible in Greece but many people prefer having their own hands on the steering wheel. Thus, another great way to move around the country is to rent your own vehicle. It doesn’t have to be as car. If you’re visiting a small island, you could also rent a quad and drive around in that while feeling the hot wind on your face. Of course you’ll need to have a driver’s license, and some rental agencies actually require that you’ve owned the license for at least 5 years before they allow you to rent their vehicles.

Tips for driving in Greece

Greek streets, especially in the big cities, can be quite hectic so you need to be careful until you get used to the city. Driving in the islands is much simpler but you still need caution and to pay close attention to traffic signs as there might be differences from where you come from.

If you did rent a car, keep in mind you must not damage it in any way or else there will be fees.

Even if you’ve been driving for years, driving in Greece can be a very unique experience. We hope you found this information helpful!