Taxis in Greece

One of the most convenient ways of moving around in Greece is via taxi. It is certainly more expensive than for example taking the bus or metro but it’s great that the option is there and easily accessible for when people need it. Especially late at night when most of the public means of transport don’t work. Uber only recently started offering its services in Greece so it has not taken off yet.

How to find them and rates

Taxi in Athens and most of Greece are yellow coloured, with a taxi sign on top. Some islands as well as smaller towns in the mainland have taxi in silver as well. There are 3 main ways to find a taxi in Greece. First is to just wait on the side of a road for an unoccupied one to pass and raise your hand. This will signal them to stop in order to pick you up. Taxi are everywhere in Greece so this way works most of the time. The second way is to go to a square or central area where a lot of taxis always gather. They’re usually parked in a line and you can enter the one that’s on the very front. The final and most reliable way is to call for a taxi. In this case they come to pick you up wherever you are.

Rates for taxi are not fixed but are based on how long the ride is. It’s also worth noting that after 12 at night and until 5 in the morning, the rate is doubled. The meter starts at €1.20 and the minimum rate for a ride is €3.40. Ride from the Airport of Athens to the city center and vice versa cost €35(fixed) during the day and €50 from 12 to 5 at night.

Pros and Cons

Taxis in Greece have a lot of pros and cons. Hopefully these will help you choose if it’s worth getting one or relying on public transportation.

– Reliable and quick. Drivers know the streets very well and can find your destination even if you’re not sure where it is exactly.
– They are always available, even after 12, unlike the public transportation such as buses and metro.
– Cars are usually in great condition and very comfortable.
– They can take you to locations that no public transport goes to.
– They are very easy to find as they are everywhere.

– They are prone to get stuck in traffic just like all vehicles. On busy days in the city, it is way faster and better to move by metros than by taxi.
– Sometimes it can be hard to predict how much the fare will cost, based on traffic and other variables.
– They can be very expensive, especially after 12 when most people want to go back after a night partying.


Like it or not, taxis are a big part of transportation in Greece. We hope you found this information helpful!