What to Avoid
in Greece

Greece is an amazing country without a doubt, but even the best countries in the world have some bad parts. Here are all the parts in Greece or activities that you should avoid if you want to keep your trip perfect.

What to Avoid in Greece

First of all you should always be careful of very crowded areas and avoid them if possible as it’s easy to get pick-pocketed in them. Also avoid showing off signs of affluence, such as expensive items or jewellery.

Just like with any place in the world, avoid parks, squares and secluded areas that are not well lit after dark. Some specific zones in Athens to watch out for are Monastiraki and Omonia. Also you should keep an eye out or avoid the railway stations of Larissa and Peloponissos. In recent years there have also been a lot of homeless refugees living in the port of Pireaus which has result in the emergence of some crimes in the area. Avoiding the port is impossible as it’s one of the only ways to go if you’re visiting the islands by boat, thus you should just be a bit cautious.

Women ought to watch especially when going out alone. It’s a good idea to avoid accepting rides or drinks from strangers, as there have been incidents recorded, especially on the islands.

Also you should definitely avoid wandering near border areas as they are militarily heavy. Even more so the north-northwest frontier.

Political Unrest

Additionally due to economic turmoil and the imposition of further austerity measures, strikes, demonstrations and protest have been occurring throughout the country. Usually they happen around Syntagma Square.

They usually affect traffic as well as public services including transport. Thus, it’s a good idea to monitor these situations by checking the news and avoiding these ares during those times.