Greece, as a member of the European Union, is not only a holiday and leisure destination for European citizens but also a stop for immigration and settlement. So most Europeans may have in mind Greece as a magical summer holiday destination, but some of them make the big decision to settle in this Mediterranean country that despite its problems, has a lot to offer.

A sunny country, with friendly and hospitable people who honour their traditions and history and trying to follow the ever-evolving environment in a constantly changing world, is an exciting choice for a life change. After making this big decision for a change in your life, there are some things you need to know before you settle in this bright and famous country called Greece.

The Current Economic Climate

Greece coast

Greece’s economic situation seemed to have recovered judging by the case the country was in precisely ten years ago when it turned to the International Monetary Fund, which financed multi-billion euro rescue packages, with strict austerity measures for all households. After ten years of political and economic crises. But certainly, after the emergence of the pandemic and its universal influence on every structure of the economy, Greece’s financial system has certainly received a decisive blow, especially in a country where much of its economy is focused on tourism.

Incentives for Expats and Entrepreneurs to Move to Greece

Landscape of Sarti town in Greece

Greece also gives an incentive to expatriates and entrepreneurs who want to return and invest in Greece, opening their own businesses and starting a new life in the place they really belong to. Investment opportunities are plentiful, especially in the tourism sector, which is the country’s primary spending industry. The purchase of the real estate by expatriates enables them also to settle in the country together with their family members, offering a comfortable and tranquil life.

Entry Visas for Greece


EU citizens do not need an entry visa. They can be allowed to enter the country with their passport or identity card. Citizens of all other countries, however, must apply for entry into the country at a Greek consulate, before making any other move to settle in Greece. This is a special visa issued either for dependent work or for independent work in the country.

Residence Permits for Employment Purposes

Navagio beach in Greece

When applying for a residence permit, EU citizens will not face any particular problems compared to those from third countries, with the process becoming more complicated. Of course, at this point to emphasize the importance of having a legal advisor who will inform you about all existing laws and will guide you throughout the process of issuing your license. An experienced and well-trained lawyer of Oikonomakis Global Law Firm will provide you with the appropriate legal support in all matters that will arise regarding your installation and your stay.

Sea view on the beach of the Gramvousa, Crete island, Greece

Of course, the residence permit is issued within one month, and also with the use of an executive residence permit, the applicant has the opportunity to take with him the other members of his family.

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