Weather in Greece

Greece enjoys a temperate Mediterranean climate. In the summer the days are long and the temperatures are high; often at the end of the day there may be a refreshing breeze, especially in the coastal areas and in the north of the country. Summers are warm and dry while winters are mild.

Weather in Greece

On summer days, Athens can reach 42ºC. Winters are mild in the south and colder in the north. The rainy season lasts from November to March.

You might be used to hearing about the notorious Greek heat wave on the news. Well, it is true that sometimes temperatures can be high, but it’s often exaggerated. Athens, due to its location and geographical configuration, can become hot at specific times of summer and only occasionally.

Nowhere else in Greece does the heat become excessive. The main tourist places are next to the sea and at night it refreshes considerably, due to the sea breeze, a thermal inversion caused by the difference of temperatures between the surface of the land and the sea.

During the day in these places it is hot making it ideal to enjoy the sea and the beach.

The ideal time to visit Greece based on weather

Of course the best time to travel to Greece is spring. In spring everything is more beautiful, the flowers, the colors, the smells. It’s also economically cheaper in its prices as it’s not peak season, which makes Greece a perfect destination for any visitor. Another ideal time is the end of summer and the beginning of autumn until well into November. This time is the best to enjoy the sea, which is still warm, but more peaceful and cozy due to lack of tourists. During this season you’ll see the best sunsets with scarcity of calm, which allows the days to be bright and transparent. Perhaps the only disadvantage of this time of year is that their days are slightly shorter.

Summer is the mixture of the two previous seasons, but with many visitors and higher prices. The winters, from December to March, are rather cold and unpredictable. It is the ideal time for a cultural trip, making an archaeological and scenic route leaving the sea for later in the year.

Temperature Examples

Below you’ll find tables giving detailed information about average temperatures on the most popular Cyclades islands in Greece throughout the year.