Millions of travelers visit Greece every year. Some of them alone while others with their partners or families. Some travel by plane while others by boat or train. Some plan everything in advance while others just wing it. Among them many choose to rely on travel agencies, especially those who are visiting the country for the first time. One of the most prominent travel agencies in Greece is Grecian Travel. Today we’re taking a look at the services they offer and reviewing them.

What it is

Grecian Travel is a travel agency that organizes trips, events and destination itineraries. The group actually consists of several companies related to travel, hotel and real estate industries. This means that through their connections they are able to provide consulting for travelers as well as plans with a lot of detailed catered to each traveler. In addition, their trips are not limited in Greece but also include trips from Greece to other countries.

What it offers

One of the most important services they offer are corporate & business trip planning. They provide travel management plans for each trip, with accommodation options and conference spaces.

Secondly there are travel options for incoming travelers to Greece. The agency is able to communicate with travelers in 5 different languages and part of the itinerary and plan include air tickets, hotels, transfers and even car rental. Essentially they can plan out everything for you so that when you arrive in Greece you can just relax and have the most unforgettable experiences.

Then there are leisure trips which we believe are essential for everyone’s sanity! These include travel destinations for every season. For example you can travel to warm country while it’s cold in Greece and vice versa. The list of available destinations include any you can imagine, from a beach holiday in Maldives to a wild safari in Africa.

Finally, there are conference plans and even travel fairs you can attend by booking with Grecian. These are usually huge conventions that attract lots of travelers worldwide.

Why choose it over others

One of the main reasons that make Grecian Travel so good is that they have so many connection in almost every sector related to travel, making it possible for them to provide itineraries so varied and affordable that it will feel as if they’re catering to your every need while still not spending a fortune on it.

This features services along every stage of the trip, from the planning, until arriving at your hotel and getting into the car that was rented for you in order to explore your destination. The service is seamless and the world becomes so much smaller when it’s so easy and simple to plan an incredible trip.


If you are planning a trip to or from Greece then Grecian is one of the first Travel Agencies you should consider. They promise to take your hand and plan a personal trip just for you, regardless of its nature. It can be a business or a leisure trip, and it will still feel authentic and excellent.

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