If you are on the move to Greece with your family, you can recover your strength during the whole vacation while they have the time of their lives at different playgrounds. The amazing experience they will have at different facilities will last almost a lifetime in their memory.

Happy Train Playground

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The maroon colored Happy Train Playground is located at the heart of Athens, and it takes kids on tour around the city. The street train embarks on a tour with children from Syntagma Square and courses through many significant points in the city like neighboring towns through to the Acropolis. Kids who embark on this fun ride have the opportunity of touring sites like Plaka, the Temple of Zeus, Zappeion, Panathinaiko Stadium, Hadrian’s Arch and Theater of Herodes Atticus. Such an enjoyable ride!

Golden Hall Playground

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The dainty playground at Golden Hall, Athens has two main sides. A sea of plants and vegetation dots one side in bright colors, these shrubs and trees serve as shade. The other side of the playground overlooks the iconic Golden Hall. As children play, you can hear birds singing. The melody of the humming birds and the boisterous children is a sign of pure bliss. The paradise at the playpen is perfect for kids to play while their parents embark on some retail shopping.

Six Thresholds

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Located at Koukaki is a little playground for kids called the Six Threshold. This playground has some modern toys and buildings that children can have a fun time playing with. This is the best place to rebuild steam after some shopping and touring while the kids have a swell time.

National Gardens

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The National Gardens in Athens has been touted as the best playground for children in the city. Located in the heart of the city, the picturesque park is usually kept clean, irrespective of its imposing size. The verdant gardens are home to some exotic birds, frogs, turtles, fish and some other fauna. Also, some amazing species of flora also dominate the garden. At the National Gardens, you will see a café and some beautiful old ruins which will make you feel like you stepped back in time. Allow your kids to feed the ducks at the central duck pond and make sure they see the mini-zoo that houses some peacocks and goats.

Allou Fun Park

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Known as Greek’s largest amusement park, the Allou Fun Park is one stop spot for kids who want to have an amazing time playing and socializing with other kids. The amusement park is filled with so much fun fare for children and sometimes adults. At this park, there are games and sporting activities for children of all ages; adults too can embark on some high octane rides. The Star Flyer is one of the most loved spots in this kiddies playground. It is suspended in air, 72 meters from the ground and it moves about 30kilometers up every one hour. From the height of this swing, children can enjoy panoramic views of Athens. Make sure you keep your eyes wide shut else your eyes will spin. At this park, you can visit some intriguing spots like the House of Fear, the Mirror Forest and Kidom.

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