In Greece, so many things come with winter apart from the cold winds and snow. You’ll see people gathering around, dancing, celebrating, and taking part in festivals and carnivals. There are many events in Greece during winter but here are the most important ones.

Museum of Acropolis Christmas Event

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From mid-December Athens, the capital of Greece witnesses an amazing event. Museum of Acropolis is lit, and the place becomes very Christmassy, offering visitors everything they need to have an unforgettable event. Adults have the time of their life in the temple, while the kids have lego to play their hearts out the way they wish. What makes this event special are the many activities made available for visitors making the location a place to be during the winter.

Plisskën Festival

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Despite all the issues with the Greek economy recently, they’ve managed to sustain this festival to remain one of the best in Europe. Plisskën Festival is regarded as one of the most important winter events in Greece, attracting thousands of visitors from around the world. At least more than 350 local and international artists have participated in the event in the last 10 editions. While the event started in 2010, the winter edition was established in 2014 and has been self-sustainable for the past four years.

Ragoutsaria Carnival in Kastoria

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Costumes, dancing in the streets, and bright colors are those things that make Ragoutsaria Carnival a must attend in Greece. The festival starts late December and culminates on the 8th of January, with dancing, singing, and performance by the city orchestra. Locals also gather at the old medieval square of Doltso, because of the role the location plays in the unity of the community.

Another aspect of the festival that connects with its origin has to the do where the festival got its name from. The Latin word “rogatores” means beggars, which defines many of the costumes worn by the participants. During the three-day event, the masked men go from one house to the other asking for gifts, and in exchange, help chase away evil spirits.

Patras Carnival – Patrino Karnavali

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More than 180 years in the making, Patras Carnival is regarded as one of the best winter events in Europe. Patras Carnival is not a single event but a series of events that includes various stand-alone activities, spanning several days. Some of the most popular activities to take part in, includes parades, hidden treasure hunts, balls, children carnival etc. The carnival starts on the 17th of January and runs until Clean Monday (a day that signifies the beginning of Lent).

Patras Carnival has seen some improvement over the years, fueled by the desire of volunteers to make it better and more interesting over the years. Extravagant Sunday parade of floats, the final ritual of burning of carnival king at the St. Nikolaos Street pier indicates the highest point of the festival. If you find yourself in Greece in the winter period, you should never miss this carnival. Every moment is full of fun, enjoyment, dancing, and music until the end.

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