The northern part of Greece is unequaled for its geographical position, culinary values, and cultural diversity. Northern Greece is home to several lakes, mountains, hills, forests, and beaches that are worth discovering. The land terrain stretches from the Ionian Sea of Azure through the rugged mountains of Epiros to the Thracian lowland and the Turkish border. Northern Greece has a lot to offer to its locals and visitors including its culture, urban refinement, hiking, bird watching, and swimming. Here are the most beautiful beaches for you to discover here.

Kalogria Beach, Nikiti

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Located in Nikiti is the Kalogria Beach which has gotten the attention of the tourists from across the world. The beautiful beach has clear turquoise water with soft sand. Kalogria Beach is slightly narrow, and it’s often very crowded especially during weekends. It gets so crowded that you might encounter some challenges when looking for a place to park, although there is a big parking lot close to the beach. Known as one of the best beaches in Northern Greece, Kalogria Beach provides great natural and man-made features that can make your stay memorable. The beach is clean and organized, and you can get some chilled drinks at the beach bars. For those that want some quiet moment, the early mornings are the best time to visit.

Mylopotamos Beach, Tsagkarada

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The Tsagkarada region of Northern Greece houses the stunning Mylopotamos Beach. Although this beautiful beach is often crowded, you can visit it at any time of the day. Mylopotamos Beach provides amazing views of the sea, and sunset. It is also one of the most beautiful and organized beaches in Tsagarada, and Northern Greece, no wonder it has got many tourists trooping in to have a nice time. There are spaces to park your vehicle close to the beach, after which you will take dozens of steps from the hills to get to the beach level.

Lichnos Beach, Parga

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Lichnos Beach is a unique beach with world-class facilities, and it is very organized. One of the things that distinguish Lichnos Beach from other beaches in Northern Greece is its picturesque, quiet and idyllic environment. It is perfect for those who wish to be lost in their thoughts. The beach offers spectacular views of the entire area, providing adventurers with enough options.

You can either choose to swim in the clear waters of the beach or take the water taxi ride. There are taverns and bars available on the beach, so you are sure of eating and drinking after catching all the fun. You can also hire and relax in any of the sunbeds with umbrellas. There is an electric bell in each umbrella; you only have to press the bell to get the attention of a waiter. Visitors can also get quality hotels around the beach at a very affordable price. The beautiful Lichnos Beach is definitely worth visiting.

Take time off once in a while to enjoy yourself. These beaches in Northern Greece are the perfect place for you to get lost in an adventure you will remember for a long time.