The islands of Greece are considered Europe’s most popular sea destinations. Turquoise waters, white-washed houses, beautiful sunsets, mythological references, and Mediterranean flavors are the unique features Greek Islands are recognized for. Summer is the best time to explore and enjoy the amazing beauty of the Greek Islands, but in Winter they are less crowded and tranquil. With over 5000 islands and islets in Greece, discover some of the most beautiful Greek islands in winter and discover their other side.


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Santorini Island is always the first choice of the most beautiful Islands in Greece, and it’s famous across Europe, and even the world. If you are looking to get the most of Greece and all its features plus amazing nightlife and romantic touch, then you can’t go wrong with Santorini. The Island is known for its black sand beaches and volcanic hills which complements the deep blue sea and white-washed houses. It is the perfect place for couples, hiking, and outdoor activities.


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Crete Island is widely known for its historical abundance, cosmopolitan lifestyle, as well as its vibrant nightlife. These features of Crete Island greatly contribute to making it one of the most famous tourist destinations across the globe. However, the natural wonders, reserved national parks, and picturesque landscapes of the island are some of the fascinating things that shouldn’t be omitted. The island of Crete is fully loaded with natural beauty.

It is the ideal place to take a walk and enjoy the natural environment and beautiful sunsets. Ensure to explore the striking monuments and archeological sites on the island, as well as the mountains and hills suitable for hiking. Crete Island is home to several beautiful beaches offering great views of the sea. Outdoor activities you can partake include surfing, diving, clubbing, sightseeing, snowboarding and many more.


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Popularly renowned as the Island of rich history, mythology, and beauty, Mykonos is undoubtedly worth the visit for curious travelers. The gorgeous island of Mykonos is situated in the famed Cyclades archipelago, and it is an ideal embodiment of beauty. Dating back to more than 3000 years, Mykonos has been inhibited for a very long time. Greek Mythology has it that this age-old island is the site where Zeus and the Titans engaged in a battle. The island of Mykonos is the most sought after by the Mediterranean powers because of its location, long history and role as a nautical trading post.

Mykonos Island houses some of the most impressive historical architecture in the world, such as the Iconic Venetian-built windmills located atop a hill facing the sea. The island also has several beautifully maze-like streets, striking churches, monasteries, and chapels. Mykonos Island is renowned for its stunning beaches, mostly visited by adults. Its watersports, hiking activities, and nightlife are probably the reasons people visit the island, even in the winter.


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Ios is often regarded as the most scenic of all the Cycladic Islands in Greece. This charming Island is very popular among young adults, singles and beach lovers due to its famous and vibrant nightclubs and beautiful beaches. Ios is also home to several historical heritage, colorful villages, and towns, as well as museums. Visitors get the opportunity to purchase handicrafts and handmade products such as textiles, ceramics, and household items, among others.

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