The beautiful Island of Mykonos is the cosmopolitan part of the Cyclades islands of the Aegean Sea in Greece. This island offers countless activities that can make your stay memorable. Check out the most popular activities in Mykonos.


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There are numerous interesting sightseeing spots and locations on the island of Mykonos, including beautiful villages, striking architecture, impressive archeological sites, and museums. Some of the most popular sightseeing sites on the island include the Little Venice- a place renowned for its spectacular architecture and remarkable picture-perfect beauty.

The iconic windmills of Mykonos, which is originally used for grinding grains, these striking monuments are now used as a reminder of the past. PanagiaParaportiani, a 16th-17th-century church is a very significant religious monument in the Cyclades islands. It provides you with amazing vistas of the sea. Delos Island is a very impressive site to explore the remainders of ancient Greece.


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Mykonos Island is famous across the world for its vibrant party scenes and energetic nightlife. In the entire Cyclades region, Mykonos has the best party life, with contemporary energetic city clubs, as well as trilling seashore clubs. With the cosmopolitan and exciting ambiance of the island, bars and clubs play trendy and lovely danceable music genre. The inhabitants and visitors party till dawn, enjoying wild, crazy and organized parties in all the clubs located both in the main town and the beaches. Some popular bar on the island include Scandinavian Disco, Cavo Paradiso, and Paradise bar/club


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This is a popular activity among locals and visitors. There are quite some beaches and rivers in Mykonos Island. Many people enjoy swimming in the calm to moderate wave waters of the sea and as well as rivers and lakes in this region. Most of these beaches in Mykonos are clean and organized with tourists and watersport facilities. Some of the best places to swim include super paradise beach, paradise beach, Elia, Kalo Livadi, Platis Gialos, Kalafatis, amongst others.


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The beauty and magic of Mykonos Island aren’t only restricted to its lands. Be lost in the wonder of the life under the sea. The marine life of the island is breathtaking. There are schools on some of the beaches that teach diving lessons to beginners. The paradise beach is a popular destination for professional divers, as well as beginners. Discover and explore the marine life under the sea. Sealife species such as colorful wrasse, starfish, sponges, octopus, barracuda, sea bream, and nudibranch can be found at the Paradise Reef.

Festivals and cultural events

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The people of Mykonos Island usually hold several cultural events and festivals at specific times of the year. Most of these festivals feature music, dances, and plenty of Greek cuisines and drinks.

The cultural events that take place on the island include Mykonos Summer Festival, harvest festival, and Gay festivals. Visitors are also welcome to join in the annual Mykonos festivals and cultural events. Take time once a year to go out and have fun either alone or with your family.

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