Together with Antipsara, the island forms the municipality of Psara. What makes Psara a lovely place to be for the holidays is the many beautiful places that it offers. There are beaches, archaeological sites, historical monuments, villages, and monasteries. Visitors can also take part in fun activities and have the best time of their lives. Below are some of the most beautiful places you can go for unlimited fun on the Greek island of Psara.

Peninsula of Paleokastro

It’s a peninsula with valuable historical relevance that makes it a great place for anyone to have fun. Located at the western side of the harbor, it offers plenty of nice looking places to be. There are cobblestone stairs, lovely chapels including Agia Anna, and of course the Mavri Rahi hill, from where canons were brought during the revolution of 1821.

Agia Kyriaki Beach

A lovely location with modern facilities and so many activities to get involved with. Agia kyriaki Beach is also a great place to relax. There are loungers, umbrellas, of which you can rent at very low prices. Visitors have compared it to the beaches in the Caribbean, which a very good thing. Many people like to sunbathe since the beach has good weather with plenty of sunshine. Others consider swimming in the clean, fresh water to cool down.

Psara Village

Psara village is the only inhabitation, so there are no other villages or towns on the island. While the beaches are great, you will do yourself a lot of good by visiting the Psara village. What makes the village unique is the traditional settlement, which is characterized by narrow streets, red tiled roofs, stone houses, etc. These are not just a beauty to behold but walking around them offers peace and tranquility to the soul. You can also walk through the cobblestone alleys where many locals can be found taking part in activities.


After exploring the whole of Psara, you can also take a boat to Antipsara, which is just 3 kilometers away. At the Antipsara is where you’ll find some of the best beaches in the entire Mediterranean. One of the most lovely of all those beaches is the Psili Amos, which is a long sandy beach featuring emerald waters. You’ll also have the rare chance of experiencing incredible wildlife at the nature reserves, most especially birds. To visit Antipsara, you could get a boat at the harbor of Psara, where many locals operate affordable excursion services.

Kokkinopoulo Lighthouse of Psara

Located in the southeastern edge of the island is Kokkinopoulo Lighthouse of Psara, another lovely place to visit. Like many other monuments on the island, the lighthouse also has an Ottoman historical relevance. It has beacon range of 25 nautical miles, 78 meters in the focal plane, and the circular tower of 14.5 meters. There are so many activities to engage here but most people, after viewing the lighthouse, like to climb the hill close by to experience the panoramic view of the island. It’s also a nice place to sit down, relax, while you reflect and clear your head.

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