Nothing but a beauty to behold at any time of the year; that is the best way to describe the island known as Skyros. It can be found between the island of Evia and the long-standing Northern Sporades.

The island has more than enough to offer tourists, and your stay will definitely be a pleasurable one. Once you come here, you will definitely check back when the chance arises. Clearly stated below are those beautiful places scattered all over Skyros

Sporting Arenas

The island of Skyros is reputable for its sporting activities; it’s even known to have contributed immensely to Greece sporting history, no wonder it continues to occupy a special place in the history of the land. Tourists are guaranteed a fun-filled time with its array of sporting activities on display. From beautiful pony rides to windsurfing, fishing, watersports and so on. Coming here with children will definitely be a good idea. They will have so much in their hands to do before the end of the day.

Palamari Archeological Site

A tourist entering the city of Skyros should note one thing; a visit to this place will never be considered done except they pay a visit to the historical Archeological site in Palamari. You will thank your stars you are opportune to have seen such a historical site. A long time ago, there was a wall in this place, and remains of this magnificent structure of fortification still baffle tourists till this day. You can walk around the site to witness the lifestyle of the people who lived here thousands of years ago.

Stunning Beaches

It’s also on record that one of the areas with the coolest set of beaches is Skyros. Tourist wishing to enjoy what the island has on offer should walk down the beaches or just rent an umbrella and enjoy watching what other people are doing. The sand is soft and simply ideal for the skin to rest on; you have nothing to fear, just feel free and have the fun of your life. There are also plenty of restaurants and taverns for you to experience the best of Greek cuisine. Some of the most popular beaches include Molos, Atsitsa beach, Agios Fokas, etc.

Agios Giorgios Monastery

It’s a magnificent place that visitors have come to love over the years. The Kastro Byzantine castle was constructed around the 13th century, with the aim of protecting the island from pirates and other types of bandits. For those who want to learn, there are tour guides offering visitors a hint into the culture and history of the chapel. Agios Nikolaos Chapel offers an electrifying view of the sea and the bay.

Quality Hotels

The island of Skyros also boasts of hotels you will describe as a home away from home. The service given in all that made up the island of Skyros will make you want to come back for more; they are simply ecstatic. The hotels are not only comfortable but also classy; you begin to wonder if the little you paid is actually meant for such luxury. Tourists are advised to pick on any and enjoy professionalized service throughout their stay.

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