Ios is a hilly island in the Cyclades group in the Aegean Sea. It’s full of life and offers so much opportunity for tourists to engage in different kinds of activities and fun. We’ve done our research and are providing you with a suggestion of the best things you can do when you get to Ios.


There is nothing more magical than spending time in a town set entirely on a hill. Whitewashed building, shops selling rare artworks, and many side alleys make Chora a place of fun and excitement. You’ll also enjoy the quiet and incredible ambiance, which is very good for your soul. At night, this place turns into a city of lights, fun, and music, because of the bars and clubs that are found everywhere.

Mylopotas Beach

Near the town of Chora is located the most visited beach of all of Ios; the Mylopotas Beach. Here you’ll enjoy crystal clear water, white sand, and a peaceful relaxation by the seaside. If you love to have some great time at a club beach Far Out Beach Club is the right spot for you, and you can find it here at this amazing beach. If you’re swimmer you can jump into the water and have some fun; the water here is clean and very well-managed.

Explore the Island on an ATV

One of the best ways to explore Ios is on All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV). You can rent this at a very friendly price and cruise around as you like. There are plenty of rough and dirty road on Ios, but not so bad that an ATV cannot deal with. Parking your ATV to enjoy a meal or visit a restaurant or bar is also never a problem on this island.

Pay Homage to Homer

Homer is regarded as one of the greatest minds ever lived and he is the author of the Odyssey and Iliad. The author was said to have lived the latter part of his life and buried here on the island because his mother was from here. Homer’s burial site is located on a hill, so you’ll need an ATV or car to get there. You have so much to benefit from this because of the stunning view you’ll experience while at the top of the hill.


Ios has many trails for tourists to wonder about and experience the spirit and soul of the island. In all, there is about 10 trail markings across the Greek Island; five starts in Chora and then end on secluded beaches. Depending on how far you want to go, some of these trails are in several ranges, from just a kilometer to about 7 kilometers.

Visit the Archeological Museum

Greek islands are known for exhibiting ancient artifacts and Ios is not an exception. On Ios, you can add to your knowledge by exploring the archeological museum in Chora. The museum contains important artifacts that were found in the Chora and Skarkos like, coins, jewelry, and pottery. There is also antiquity of Olympia, alabaster pieces that have been joined together, and fragments of palace wall paintings.

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