Leros might be a laid-back island in the municipality in the Dodecanese islands, but it offers exciting times and unforgettable experiences. There are beaches, a medieval town, and a museum with plenty of adventure and fun waiting for everyone. If you’re wondering what exactly to do in this place, these suggestions might be of help.

Visit the Pandeli Castle

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Pandeli castle is located in the small settlement, with connections to Lero’s capital, Platanos. It’s an archeological site set upon a hill hosting five Christian temples and other residences that are considered by many as sacred. From the castle, you’ll be able to enjoy a panoramic view of the island of Leros and the Aegean Sea, making it an adventure that is worth trying. You’ll also enjoy staying for a while in this place that is surrounded by green landscape, coves, and steep mountains.

Check Out the War Museum

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One of the most unpleasant aspects of modern human history is the Second World War. Leros war museum, which was opened in 2005, is a testament to the evidence of brutality that happened back then. During the war, the government of Italy established strategic naval bases on the island which suffered heavy bombardment by the British Royal Airforce. For you as a tourist, it’s an amazing opportunity to learn about this event in a completely exciting way. There are uniforms, weapons, artilleries, and other items to be seen in the bunker. Tourists also love Hitler and Churchill’s speeches playing in the background, making the experience even more memorable.

Eat Seafood at Mylos

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Mylos is a delicious fish restaurant that many people have testified to be one of the best in the island. At Mylos, you can order for quality fish meals. This family-run business has been around for decades and still delivers awesomeness in the best way possible. You can also order for freshly caught fish to be prepared for you, giant seafood, and tuna tartare, which is one of their own creations. While eating at Mylos, you’ll have the feeling that you’re on top of the water because of the magnificent view over the horizon.

Sunbathe and Swim at the Dioliskaria Beach

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If you want to have beach experience, Dioliskaria beach is the best place for you to be. Gold sand, small pebbles, and crystal blue waters make this place the perfect destination for anyone to relax and have the fun of their lives. The good thing is, the place is hardly crowded, so you’ll have the advantage of seclusion and peaceful relaxation. Dioliskaria also has many facilities for tourists, and there are restaurants nearby if you’re feeling hungry. You may also rent a yacht to explore the waters.

Discover the Beauty of Agia Marina

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Agia Marina remains one of the best places to explore on the island of Leros. Spreading across the foot of the hills are traditional houses that add beauty to the village. It also has very impressive mansions, cafes, restaurants, boutiques and many other places you can also enjoy exploring.

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