Mykonos is one of the Greek islands most popular for its nightlife. It’s for good reason that they call Mykonos the crazy party island. One of the clubs responsible for this title of the island is Tropicana Club in Mykonos’ Paradise Beach. Today we’re taking a closer look at Tropicana Club and discovering how it makes people go crazy every night.


Tropicana can be found in the famous Paradise Beach, one of the most popular beaches of the island, making it a great Summer nightclub when the Greek island gets most of its visitors. It was actually a nudist beach at first with its own pace many years ago. Nowadays people enjoy the beach as both a relaxation part and a place where they can enjoy drinks and dance throughout the day.

What it offers

One of the key points that sets Tropicana Club apart from the rest of the nightclubs is that it’s not only that. Yes, it offers crazy parties next to the beach but it also includes a restaurant, a beach bar and even accommodation options. So people at the beach can enjoy its uplifting music while sharing drinks. The parties start as early as 16:30 and last until the early morning hours, as the sun rises.

The staff of the club besides serving drinks are also tasked with looking after guests and entertaining them with dances and a sense of freedom unlike any other. There’s also a DJ at all times that plays the hottest beats for guests. One night falls, well known Greek and International DJs take over with upbeat and uplifting music.

What makes it good

One of the best things about Tropicana is how it feels like the party never ends. People go to the beach to enjoy the sun and the sea and then they get to eat at the restaurant and then enjoy some drinks while savouring the sea breeze. Once the sun begins to set the transition from a beach bar to a nightclub is seamless and guests can basically spend all day and night at the venue having a time of their lives without missing anything.

After a few drinks and with the undoubted assistance of the DJ, everyone gets to experience exactly what has become the embodiment of Mykonos. Incredible Greek parties until the morning hours where people dance and have fun until their legs can’t keep up anymore.

Another fact that makes Tropicana Club such a great venue is its location in Paradise Beach and how it combines everything, offering its guests an all inclusive experience without making them feel like they’re missing something.

Last but not least, one point most guests and travelers mention in their reviews of this nightclub is how fairly priced everything is. We need to keep in mind this is a world renowned club which receives hundreds of thousands of travelers every Summer. Keeping its services and all the entertainment fairly costed is a big plus.


All in all, it’s fair to say the club thrives for good reasons. If you visit Mykonos for a few days this Summer and you get to visit only one nightclub during that time, let it be Tropicana Club in Paradise Beach. You won’t regret your choices and you’ll experience the party of a lifetime!

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